Move over traditional property managers, we have something better

Efficient property management is crucial for both landlords and tenants. When it comes to property management, you have the decision between hiring an independent property manager or opting for a traditional property management company. While both options have their merits, there are compelling reasons why an independent property manager is a better choice.

1. Personalised Service:
Independent property managers typically handle fewer properties compared to larger companies. This allows them to provide a more personalised and dedicated service to each client. With a smaller client base, independent managers can focus on the unique needs of individual properties, tailoring their services to meet specific requirements. At Homely we cap our portfolio numbers to ensure this.

2. Direct Communication:
One significant advantage of working with an independent property manager is the direct line of communication. Property owners often find it easier to reach and communicate directly with an independent manager, fostering a more transparent and responsive relationship. Quick and efficient communication is essential in addressing concerns, resolving issues, and making informed decisions.

3. Cost Efficiency:
Independent property managers may offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional property management companies. With fewer overheads and administrative costs, independent managers can often provide competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality services. Property owners benefit from a more direct relationship without sacrificing financial efficiency.

4. Local Expertise:
Independent property managers often specialize in specific local markets. This localised expertise can be a valuable asset when navigating local regulations, market trends, and tenant expectations. A deep understanding of the local real estate landscape allows independent managers to make informed decisions that benefit both property owners and tenants.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability:
Smaller scale operations often lead to increased flexibility. Independent property managers can adapt quickly to changing circumstances and tailor their approach based on the unique requirements of each property. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial in leasing properties, with the ability to be able to offer after hours and weekend viewings. 

6. Client-Centric Focus:
Independent property managers rely heavily on their reputation and client satisfaction for business growth. This focus on building a positive reputation encourages them to prioritise client needs and provide excellent service. The personal investment in client relationships can result in a higher level of commitment to client success.

7. Streamlined Decision-Making:
With fewer bureaucratic layers, independent property managers can make decisions more swiftly. This streamlined decision-making process enables them to address issues promptly, ensuring that both landlords and tenants receive timely resolutions to their concerns.

At Homely we do believe that while traditional property management companies have their advantages, independent property managers offer a range of benefits that can make them a preferable choice for property owners. The personalised service, direct communication, cost efficiency, local expertise, flexibility, client-centric focus, and streamlined decision-making processes are compelling reasons why you will find that an independent property manager is better suited to meet your needs in a constantly changing industry. 

Amanda Wiapo