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The Homely Relationship

As a Homely tenant we ensure that you and your home are well cared for. Although you are living in someone else’s house, we want you to feel at home and comfortable with the relationship you have with our Homely Property Management team. We are committed to both you and your landlord and work hard to create a positive experience for you both. As a tenant of Homely we value the care and consideration you put into looking after your home which not only makes our job easier but builds a positive relationship with you.

The important stuff

How we keep the Homely Cycle flowing

What’s Important To Homely

  • Rent paid on time
  • Property is well cared for to prevent gradual ongoing damage
  • Clear communication in a timely manner
  • Reporting maintenance as soon as you are aware of it
  • Allowing access for inspections and maintenance
  • Following Rental Tenancies Act obligations
  • Keeping a good relationship with you

What’s Important To You As Tenants

  • A healthy home
  • Maintenance completed in a timely manner
  • Clear communication and timely notifications
  • Your rights adhered to as a tenant
  • To be valued and respected
  • Following rental tenancy act obligations

Tenant Resources

Application forms

Property application

To apply for a Homely Property please click the following link and provide as much detail as you can to help the decision on your application be completed quicker.

Pet application

We understand that during your tenancy you may want to add a pet as an additional family member. Before we make this official we would need you to fill in the pet application form so that we can get approval from the landlord. If this request is approved then we would require you to sign a variation document which acknowledges the conditions required for having a pet in your home.

Maintenance request

Do you have a maintenance request? Send a message with your maintenance concern and follow the interactive steps and your property manager will be in touch soon.

Tenant notice form

Here’s an easy way of letting Homely know that you wish to end your tenancy. Fill in the form below and your property manager will be in touch soon.


Tenant Frequently Asked Questions


Treat your property like a business and ensure it is managed professionally. Otherwise consider hiring a Property Manager so they can do this for you.

— Landlord tip

Always complete an entry/ingoing inspection report with plenty of photos that shows the condition of the property before new tenants move in. This will resolve any disputes during or at the end of a tenancy.

— Landlord tip

If you have a heat pump, ensure you clean the filters every 3 months. This will ensure the heat pump is working efficiently and will avoid any maintenance issues in the future.

— Tenant tip

It is recommended that tenants consider taking out renters insurance or some form of contents insurance when moving into a rental property. This will protect your belongings in unforeseen circumstances.

— Tenant tip



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