Autumn Property Maintenance

As autumn blankets New Zealand with its colorful foliage and cooler temperatures, it’s the perfect opportunity to prepare your properties for the upcoming winter season. Autumn property maintenance is crucial in ensuring that homes remain comfortable, energy-efficient, and resilient against the challenges that winter may bring. In this article, we will explore some essential tips for maintaining your property during the autumn months in New Zealand.

1. Gutter Cleaning and Inspection: One of the first tasks to tackle in autumn is cleaning and inspecting your gutters. Fallen leaves and debris can accumulate, leading to clogs that may cause water damage to your home. Regular gutter maintenance prevents water from overflowing and protects your property from potential leaks and structural issues. 

2. Roof Inspection: Take the time to inspect your roof for any signs of damage or wear. Loose iron or missing shingles can lead to leaks during heavy rain. Addressing roof issues in autumn ensures that your home remains watertight throughout the winter months.

3. Heating System Maintenance: With cooler weather on the horizon, it’s essential to check and maintain your heating system. Schedule a professional inspection to ensure that your heating system is in good working condition. Clean or replace filters, check for any leaks, and make any necessary repairs to keep your property warm and energy-efficient.

4. Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance: If your home has a chimney or fireplace, autumn is the ideal time to have it inspected and cleaned. Creosote buildup can pose a fire hazard, and ensuring proper ventilation will contribute to a safer and more efficient heating system.

5. Exterior Maintenance: Inspect the exterior of your property for any cracks, gaps, or areas that may need sealing. Properly sealed windows and doors prevent heat loss and contribute to a more energy-efficient home. Additionally, check for any peeling or damaged paint and address it before the harsh weather sets in.

6. Landscaping and Garden Care: As leaves fall and plants go dormant, tidy up your garden by removing debris and trimming overgrown branches. Mulching around plants can help protect them from frost and provide insulation to the soil. 

7. Insulation Check: Ensure that your property is adequately insulated to retain warmth during the colder months. Inspect the insulation in your walls, roof, and floors, and consider adding or replacing insulation where needed. Adequate insulation not only keeps your property comfortable but also reduces energy bills.

8. Pest Control: Autumn is a critical time to address potential pest issues. As temperatures drop, rodents and insects seek shelter indoors. Seal any cracks or gaps in your properties exterior, and consider professional pest control measures to prevent infestations.


Taking the time to perform autumn property maintenance is an investment in the comfort, safety, and longevity of your property. By addressing these key areas, homeowners can ensure that their properties are well-prepared for the challenges of the upcoming winter season. Regular maintenance not only protects your property but also contributes to energy efficiency, ultimately saving money in the long run. It also leads to happier tenancies, which in turn results in less tenancy turnover with longer term tenants.

Amanda Wiapo