A Step In The Right Direction – Homely Ahead Of The Game

Would you leave someone responsible for millions of dollars worth of assests with zero experience and zero qualifications? Welcome to the world of New Zealand property management…. but hopefully not for long!

The residential property managers bills is now open to submissions and we couldn’t be happier. So if you have a spare few minutes, have your say here: https://www.parliament.nz/en/ECommitteeSubmission/53SCSS_SCF_D87A5C1C-3996-4894-281A-08DB9F707DF9/CreateSubmission

At Homely we believe Property Management should be seen as a career choice and not just a job.

This bill will help move the industry into a new regulated era that will enhance the protection for both landlords and tenants and put those millions of dollars of assests into qualified hands.

Here are some key aspects of the Residential Property Managers Bill:

1. Licensing: The bill proposed the introduction of a licensing system for property managers. This means that property managers would need to obtain a license from the government, demonstrating their competence and suitability to carry out property management services.

2. Code of Conduct: The bill outlined a code of conduct that property managers must adhere to. This code sets out the expected standards of professionalism, ethical behavior, and fair treatment of both landlords and tenants.

3. Education and Training: The bill aimed to establish minimum education and training requirements for property managers. This ensures that property managers have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage rental properties.

4. Dispute Resolution: The bill included provisions for the resolution of disputes between property managers, landlords, and tenants. This would provide a formal process for resolving issues and grievances related to property management services.

Homely have been an a credited agency from the start with the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, so our clients can ensure they are in safe hands. When looking for a property management company, be sure to check the accreditation status on the REINZ Website

The future for the industry is looking bright!