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Meet Sharnee Shaw

Sharnee Shaw is an Independent Property Manager who has made a name for herself in the Manawatu region for her professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to meeting the needs of owners and tenants alike. Being recognised as Industry qualified, and an experienced professional, Sharnee possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the property management industry. Her clients have come to appreciate her approachable and friendly manner, which puts them at ease during what can be a stressful process.Sharnee is known for her keen eye for detail and her ability to get results. She understands that managing properties requires a great deal of organisation and coordination, and is always up for the challenge. She recognises that every relationship is valuable, whether it is with an owner, tenant, or supplier, and strives for long lasting relationships between all. She believes that staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry is essential, therefore, keeping up-to-date with changes to the RTA legislation and with the use of effective technology and processes in play, clients can rest easy knowing that she has everything under control.Taking pride in providing exceptional service, Sharnee’s clients know that they can rely on her to go above and beyond to ensure that their investment and property needs are met. With Sharnee on your Property Management Team, you can always rest assured that your property is in excellent hands.In addition to her passion for Property Management, Sharnee’s love for adventure takes her to the beautiful coastlines of New Zealand, where she relishes spending quality time with loved ones and enjoying a well brewed coffee.If you are seeking for a new and personalised approach on your property, then give Sharnee a call on 027 301 9317 or email [email protected] to start your Homely Property Management journey.


Homely Tips

Treat your property like a business and ensure it is managed professionally. Otherwise consider hiring a Property Manager so they can do this for you.

— Landlord tip

Always complete an entry/ingoing inspection report with plenty of photos that shows the condition of the property before new tenants move in. This will resolve any disputes during or at the end of a tenancy.

— Landlord tip

If you have a heat pump, ensure you clean the filters every 3 months. This will ensure the heat pump is working efficiently and will avoid any maintenance issues in the future.

— Tenant tip

It is recommended that tenants consider taking out renters insurance or some form of contents insurance when moving into a rental property. This will protect your belongings in unforeseen circumstances.

— Tenant tip

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